My cleaning essentials!

When I started this blog I said that my content wasn't just going to be about makeup and style. I wanted to post about my life too so that readers could get to know me on a more personal level. That's why today I decided to write a post about what I think of as … Continue reading My cleaning essentials!


H&M Current Loves

I love H&M... its probably one of my favourite shops. You go in and you see clothes and shoes that are on trend but are also inexpensive.. they also sell home decor which is my favourite stuff to shop for. So today I'm going to talk about all the things in H&M that I am … Continue reading H&M Current Loves

Beauty Blogger Awards

Hey everyone I was nominated for the Beauty Blogger Awards by Diywithme220 and courtdoescosmetics Thank you so much for my nomination. Im so happy about this Rules for this tag: 1-Tag the blogger that nominated you 2-Answer the questions you were given 3-Nominate 10 bloggers whose blog is about beauty and lifestyle 4-Name 10 questions … Continue reading Beauty Blogger Awards