A beauty secret…

Would you like to know one of my biggest beauty secrets??
So there is a product that I use almost everyday that I consider a beauty life saver. One of the things I really love about this product is that you can incorporate it into your beauty routine in a lot of different ways. Another thing that I love about it is that it’s practically free.
So are you ready for the big reveal??

My secret product is……

You’re probably thinking that I’m crazy but hear me out..

Makeup Primer
The first thing that you can do with ice is to use it as a makeup primer. Using a primer before applying your makeup is very important. Not only does it give you a smoother canvas to work with you when your doing your makeup but it also helps your makeup last longer.

Puffy eyes
Do you ever wake up,look in the mirror and think that you look like you just been in a fight with Rocky and lost badly.I definitely have.. My job involves me sitting in front of a computer screen the whole day,so waking up with puffy eyes is regular occurrence for me..
Well, puffy eyes be gone!!
Just make some green tea and freeze it using an ice cube tray.Once frozen wrap a cube in a flannel and rub gently under your eyes.
You can thank me later.. 😜

Tighten your skin
You can also use ice to tighten your skin.Ice shrinks your pored which smoothes your complexion and makes wrinkles less visible.All you have to do is wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and rub it across your skin for a few minutes before you go to bed.Then when you wake up its goodbye wrinkles and hello sexy looking skin.

I hate getting my eyebrows done. Whether its tweezing or threading, I think it is painful and consider it a form of torture..Ok maybe not torture but still painful none the less.So if you feel the same way give this a try. Before starting your eyebrows rub an ice cube over them. Not only does this reduce the pain it also refuces the redness and the swelling. When you start feeling the pain again just rub the ice cube over the area again. The brow bar I go to actually does this and let me tell you.. Whoever came up with this idea seriously needs a Nobel Prize.

I’ve never really suffered from spots but my sister has and this is what she did. Rub ice cubes over the affected area to shrink the size of the pimple and reduce any redness before doing any other spot treatments. My sister also used to say that she found this relaxing, especially when she was having a bad break out as this cooled her skin and helped soothe some of the pain she was feeling.

So being portuguese my summers usually consist of beach,beach and more beach. Which results in sunburn.So I mix aloe vera with water and freeze it in an ice cube tray. When frozen rub the affected areas,sit back and enjoy the cool feeling on your hot and painful skin.

Another summer use for ice is to use it to give your skin a natural glow. In the summer I tend not to use foundation. Instead I freeze orange juice in an ice cube tray. Once frozen i rub the ice all over my face for about 1-2 minutes. This will leave you with a healthy looking glow as the orange juice acts as a natural cleanser. Just remember to rinse with water afterwards as the orange juice might leave your hands and face feeling a little sticky.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the wierd but wonderful ways of incorporating ice into your beauty routine. If you enjoyed this post make sure you come back soon to read more.



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