Youtuber of the month! JANUARY

Hey beauties!

Since I have a major obssession over  YouTube, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post every month picking my favourite youtuber of the month. Let me know in the comments or like this post if you think this would be something that you would be interested in reading.

My youtuber of the month for January is…

What is their YouTube channel about?
KrystalsBeautyCue is about beauty,fashion and general lifestyle.

Why do you like this channel?
The reason I like this channel is because it has a bit of everything. Krystal makes videos about makeup, fashion,reviews,vlogs and lifestyle&home. Shes absolutely gorgeous and seems like a wonderful person and lives in Germany.. She is so down-to-earth and very honest when she reviews products..

What are your 6 favourite videos by this YouTuber?
Top 5 Organizational Tips
Bedtime Routine
Cleaning Routine Pt1
Cleaning Routine Pt2
What’s in my purse

You should all go check out her channel. I promise you wont regret it.



8 thoughts on “Youtuber of the month! JANUARY

  1. Jani V says:

    As if I need more youtubers to distract me!! she seems great I will definitely check out her channel. This is also a good series, I might think about it for the future.


    PS. I have only been blogging this past month and would love if you could check out my blog over at:

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