My Etsy Wishlist-Home

Hello beauties!

Today’s post will be about Etsy and the current home decor things I am loving.. Even though i think the things on Etsy are a little pricey I still enjoy looking through as it gives me ideas of what i would like for my own home.. Then I go aearching for something similar but cheaper.. Some of the things I see on Etsy I actually think i could make myself, so Etsy to me is like Pinterest!

So first are these PomPom Curtains. I love how cute these look. You can choose what colour pompoms you want. I would probably put these in my bedroom. I love the pillow as well but I couldnt find it.


Next is this cute Monogram Pillow. I think this puts a personal touch on any couch or chair without it being too much. Of course you can choose what letter you want on it.


I also really like these Taupe Pillows. I love mixing patters when it comes to decorative pillows. I like to keep the colors mainly the same with one or two of a different colour to stand out.


My favourites are number 5 and 9.

If you find your living room small the best way to make it appear larger is to add a mirror like the one below. If you choose a mirror with a frame pick a light colour as this will also make the room appear more airy and larger.


I have a major obssession with coffee and cute coffee mugs so of course i had to include some on here. The first coffee mug I fell in love with was this name mug.


Again of course you can pick your own name. I think this is the most adorable mug in the world. The second one I fell in love with was this you’re my cup of tea mug. I think this mug is so pretty and quirky.


Now I need something to display these beautiful mugs. So when I saw this mug holder I thought it would be perfect. I would probably put this above my coffee machine for easy access.


One of my favourite ways to decorate tables is with table runners. I personally don’t live having centre pieces on my table so I would go for something like this gray table runner and just put something on it like tall candles.


So that’s all that is in my etsy wish list at the moment..I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you like this sort of post by commenting or liking this post.



20 thoughts on “My Etsy Wishlist-Home

  1. J says:

    Hi! Finally getting around to checking out my new followers. Ok, you and I have an identical DIY sense of taste! I love all of these ideas and I treat Etsy like Pinterest too. I feel bad about it sometimes because I’ve tried selling on there too and you have to price ridiculously high to even make anything. I wish I had funds to help some of those people sell. But let’s be honest, most of the fun is in actually making it yourself!

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