Blogger of the Month! JANUARY

Hey beauties..So I’ve written about my favourite youtuber of the month but then I thought… Hang on a minute us bloggers need some love too… So I thought that I would do a blogger of the month as well.


My blogger of the month for January is……


I’ve only found this blog very recently but one thing I definitely know is that this girl is very talented. She’s a makeup artist and she is absolutely stunning..I think she has only started posting recently but she’s really good and I can see great things in her future.. I love the way she writes her posts.. She puts a picture of the makeup and then underneath she lists exactly what products she uses and where she uses them.

I could not recommend her blog more..

Please check her out and follow her awesome blog.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. If you have any ideas for future posts you would like to see me do then please comment on this post and let me know..



6 thoughts on “Blogger of the Month! JANUARY

  1. Ana+Isaac says:

    Hey sis, would just like to say how proud me and Isaac are of you. you are being so strong right now and we proud of how much youre doing with yourself.
    we love you so much keep on being independent we like the new you.

    love you

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