Affordable handbags

What girl doesn’t love handbags.. I don’t think I have ever met a female without a weakness for handbags. So I decided that today my post would be about the handbags that I’ve been seeing around that I’m absolutely in love with.

1. Black and Gold tote


Look at this beauty? Its a simple black tote that I find perfect for the office. It’s only £15.58. I mean you can’t get any better than that!?!?! It goes with any outfit and will have all heads turning.

2.Tan zip Shopper Bag


I personally thing every girl should have a tan colour bag.. Especially in the Autumn and Winter. Imagine a pair of black skinny jeans, black jumper tan boots and this beauty and your all set to go shopping.This bag is £19.99 and also comes in black.

3.Black structured shopper


If you attend school, college or univesity this bag is perfect for you. It’s tall enough to hide your books and folders so you don’t look like you are carrying half of your room in your bag.  It’s £19.99 and comes in brown as well.

4.Stone Patent Winged Tote


This bag I would say is perfect for a nice casual dinner outing with family, friends or that special someone. Its small big enough to carry your essentials i.e. phone,purse and extra lipstick. At £22.99 its a steal.

5.Small Shoulder Bag


Look how lovely this little bag is..It’s perfect for… Well it’s perfect for everything really. I don’t know about you but I do not like to carry a huge handbag when im doing something like food shopping. So this would be perfect for me. It’s £7.99.. Ohh why do these lovely bags appear when I’m trying to save??

I hope youenjoyed reading this little post. Tell me in the comments which is your favourite? I would love to know..



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