My cleaning essentials!

When I started this blog I said that my content wasn’t just going to be about makeup and style. I wanted to post about my life too so that readers could get to know me on a more personal level. That’s why today I decided to write a post about what I think of as my essentials when cleaning my home.

1.Cleaning Caddy


I think this is probably one of my favourite cleaning essentials ever because it saves me so much time and energy. Before I had a caddy I was spending most of my day walking back and forth and up and down the stairs getting all my supplies in order to clean all the different rooms. Now I have a caddy I just carry all my supplies with me.

2.Bathroom Cleaner


I use this in my bathrooms. This product kills 99.9% which is why it is great for bathrooms because bathrooms are full of bacteria. I only use this on the sink,taps,shower and tub.



This is going to sound very strange but I LOVE BLEACH… I love the smell of it. I like to us bleach on the toilet bowlsand also on the tiles.

4.Window and Glass Cleaner


Since moving out of my parents house I have found a new obssession with finger print-less windows and mirrors. I absolutely hate seeing smudges on my bathroom mirrors so I use this product to clean them.

5.Kitchen Cleaner


To clean my kitchen appliances like the microwave and hob I use this kitchen spray. I also use it on the kitchen skink and toaster.

6.Anti-Bacterial Plus spray


I know it sounds silly but I like to use a different product on the kitchen counter and table tops. I picked this product because it kills 99.9% and it smells good.

7.Wood cleaner


The living room and corridor floors of my house are wood. So I use pledge wood floors and furniture cleaner. I just mix it with some hot water and clean the floors by hand. When I say by hand I mean I get down on my hand and knees and scrub away like cinderella. I tried mops but I prefer to clean the floor this way.

8.Floor Cleaner


Since all the rooms in my house aren’t wood I have to clean them with a different product. I use this to clean the bathroom floors and the kitchen floors. This product is meant to be direct to floor but I find this leaves my floors feeling a little sticky so I mix it in with some hot water and again scrub them like cinderella.

9.Furniture Polish


I used this on my furnitue and hand rails because I like to see them shiny. This is multi-surface so you can you use it anywhere.



Sponges are used everywhere in my house. I use them to scrub the floors, the toilet bowl, the sinks and also my sofa. I have a white leather sofa which gets quiet dirty because clothing dye stains it everytime anyone sits on it.

11.Microfibre Cloths


So I use different coloured cloths for different things in my house. I do this to stop something called cross contamination. At the end of each of my cleaning days I wash all of my cloths on a hot wash to rid of bacteria and so they are ready to be used the next time.

YELLOW– I use my yellow cloth in the kitchen for things like the counter and kitchen appliances.
PINK & GREEN– I use the pink cloth for the bathroom floors and I use the green for all the other floors.
BLUE– I use the blue cloth for windows and mirrors.
PURPLE-I use the purple for dusting and polishing.



I think the strangest thing in my cleaning caddy is a toothbrush. I mean yes they are usually used to clean but not normaly used to clean the house. I use them with a little bit of bleach to clean between the tiles.I also find them really good to remove the limescale that builds around the taps from the hard water.

13.Bin Bag


Everytime I clean before I start the first thing I do is I grab one of these and put it in my caddy. I do this because whenever I clean my house I always find something that needs to go in the bin. Sometimes its makeup wipes other times its an old top that I noticed is damaged. I also carry one around with me because of the bins in the bathrooms. This way I can just empty them into the bag rather than have to take it downstairs and empty it.

I know this post is a little different from what I have done before but I really hope you enjoyed it because I really enjoyed writting it. Let me know in the commets if this is a kind of post you would like to see more of and also comment on this post any cleaning tips you have for me.



13 thoughts on “My cleaning essentials!

  1. thoughtfultash says:

    I actually love this! I’m 16 and I live with my Dad and Brother meaning that as well as the cooking, I have to do a lot of the cleaning as well. This post was so helpful! -Tash x

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