My favourite makeup tutorials for Valentines day!

I haven’t plucked up the courage yet to do my own makeup tutorial but hopefully sometime soon I will make one and you guys will be the first to know.. So for now i will just tell you waht my current makeup turorials for valentines day are.. It also gives the opportunity to share with yu these amazing makeup artists that I have found on youtube..



I really like this tutorial because its a very simple look but its absolutely stunning. It’s a light pink shimmery look with winged liner and some awesome lashes

2.Brianna Fox


This look is a little more edgy because Brianna has useddarker colours. She has gone for a smokey eye. This would be great to go out to dinner with your valentine.

3.Laura Lee


Laura has gone for smokey eye but has gone for slightly softer colours. This look is very feminine and I love the lip colour she has paired this look with.



Dacey has done a very simple neutral look. This makeup would be great for a daytime date.



Bianca has gone for a sparkly cut crease. This look is very edgy and sexy. Perfect for a night out on the town with your special someone.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my favourite makeup tutorials for Valentines day and I hope I was able to help. If you would liketo check these out just click on the names above the pictures and this will take you directly to their video..

Until next time…


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