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Today’s post will be about the many uses of vaseline i have come across over the last few years. Some of these are things that I honestly can no longer live without using because it just works so well.

1.Chapped and dry lips


So the first use of vaseline is of course to fix dry and chapped lips. I really love vaseline for this because I feel like its more hydrating on my lips than anything else ive ever tried.

2.Make perfume last longer


How is this possible you ask? Well if you apply vaseline before applying your perfume it will help your perfume scent last longer. I will usually rub vaseline on my wrists and behind my ears also a small amount on my chest. This way i also apply perfume once a day.

3.Soften cracked heels


There is nothing worst than wanting to wear your new opened heel shoes and realising that you can’t because your heels are completely cracked. What I do is i slather my heels in vaseline and put socks on before i go to bed. Leave your sock on during the night you will see that after a week of doing this your heels will look fabulous.

4.Condition your eyelashes


After removing my make up I apply vaseline to my eyelashes. This keeps them from breaking and also helps mascara go on smoother without clumping lots of lashes together.

5.Makeup remover


So this is probably one of my favourite  uses for vaseline. The reason for this is because the area around your eyes is very sensitive and I hate using products like wipes to clean my eye makeup as it leaves my eyes sore, tender and red. Vaseline is amazing as a makeup remover its gentle on the sking and is amazing at removinh the toughest of mascaras.

6.Remove makeup stains from clothes


When I first read this I thought it was too good to be true but soon found myself left astonished. Just pop sound vaseline on the stain in circular motions using a clean cloth and put your stained item in the washing machine as normal. The stain comes off with no issues at all.

7.Make your manicure look like it was done my a pro.


This tip is awesome as well. Before you start painting your nails put vaseline all over the skin around your nails. This makes it so that if you get any nail polish on your skin it can easily be removed.

8.Make my own lipstick


Sometimes there is a certaim shade of lipstick that I want for that day but don’t have. So what I do is I put vaseline all over my lips and then find an eyeshadow in the shade I wanted and with my finger very gently tap eye shadow onto my lips. It is amazing and means that you can have so many different shades of lipstick without having to physically having to go out and buy that shade.

Well that is all… I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. If you have any vaseline tips that I haven’t listed and you would like to tell me then please comment on this post letting me and the other readers know your tips.



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