Dress according to your body shape

Hello beauties..

In today’s post I wanted to give some tips on styles that suit different body shapes. I am not in anyway saying that you should not wear something just because it doesnt go with your body shape. Girls you wear exactly what you want and what you feel comfortable in. These are just ideas and examples of what flatters different body shapes.

So there are 4 main body shapes.


They are apple, pear,hourglass and rectangle.

Apple shaped bodies


Apple shaped bodies will have hips that are wider than the bust and waist.

Tops should be kept slightly loose but not too baggy as this can give the appearance of a wider frame. You should also wear embelishments on the upper half of your torso as this draws attention towards the smallest part of your body shape, your bust.

Skirts should be kept knee length. Straight leg jeans are most flatterinf to apple shaped bodies. Avoid high waisted jeans and trouser as this emphasises the waste which is the widest part of this body shape.

Wrap dresses are a great option for this body shape. The reason for this is because they tend to be mostly A-line which means it isnt tight around your hips. Wrap dresses tend to be flowy which will again help flattering this shape.

Pear shaped bodies


Pear shaped bodies will have hips thare wider than the bust with a defined waist.

Pear shaped bodies should wear tops that will make the slender upper body look slightly wider to balance out with the wide hips. In order to do this you should wear horizontal stripes and cropped tops. Steer away from shapeless tops as this will make you appear larger.

Try and wear bottoms that will elongate your legs and minimize the size of your hips. Dark colours and straight shapes are great at doing this.Avoid capri styled trousers and pencil skirts as these will make your hips appear wider.

A line dresses suit this shape wonderfully as they make your hips appear smalled. Also try dresses with embelished necklines to draw the eye up towards your slende upper body.

Hourglass shaped bodies


Hourglass shaped bodies will have hips and bust of the same size and a very defined waist.

Due to the big bust on an hourglass shape you should always try to accentuate the smallest part of your body which for this shape is the waist. Tigh tops will allow you to show your small waist. Stay away from tops with embellishments at the to as these will make your bust appear larger and will steer the eye away from the smallest part of your body, the waist.

The best thing about this shape is that just about any bottoms will look great on you. Try to keep your bottoms and skirts tight as thins will accntuate your curvy figure.

Hourglass shapes should wear tight bodycon dresses as these tend to cling to your curves and accentuate the right areas.

Rectangle shaped bodies


Rectangle shaped bodies will have hips bust and waist of pretty much the same size.

Dressing a rectangle shape is all about trying to create curves.Try tops that are flowy on the bust or peplum styled tops that cinch the waist giving the appearance of an hourglass shape. Stay away from vertical patterns and tight tops as these will make you appear more straight.

High waisted jeans are great at adding shape to your waist. Try to keep your back pockets large as this will give the appearance of a bigger booty. Skirts should also be kept tight especially at the waist.

Dresses for rectangle shaped bodies need to be cinched at the waist to create an hourglass shape. You could also try a tight plain top with a high waisted flared skirt. This will make it look like a dress whilst also giving the appearance of wider hips.

I hope you have enjoye reading about how to dress different body shapes. If you have any tips for any body shape leave a comment and let me know what they are.



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