Youtuber of the Month! MARCH

Hello beauties..

I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Let’s just say my life has been a tad hectic. Today i am here with my youtuber of the month. For the last 2 months I have posted about beauty youtubers so this month I wanted to do something different.

This month youtuber is a young mum who posts vlogs about her life, her home, her family and yummy recipes. She is such a wonderful mother to her 2 children and I personally really look up to her even though she is the same age as i am. She is such a down to earth girl, a lovely person and also absolutely gorgeous..There is not enough words to describe how wonderful this girl is. So without further ado this months youtuber of the month is……


What is their YouTube channel about?
Britney’s channel is about life as a young mum. She post vlogs,some recipe videos,sit down videos and my absolute favourite DITL videos.

Why do you like this channel?
The reason I like this channel is because she is just an amazing person. She is so caring towards everyone and is a wonderful and fantastic mother. She is such a inspirational and loving woman.

What are your 6 favourite videos by this YouTuber?
A day in the life of a teen mom (part 1)
A day in the life of ateen mom (part 2)
A day in the life of a teen mom (part 3)
Morning Routine
Cleaning Routine
Lemon Chicken Pasta

I would really recommend her channel to everyone..



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