OOTD! Sunday 13/03

Hey beauties…

Today im here with my first OOTD…. Bare with me with the awkward pictures as i get the hang of this.. I promise i will get better with time (or at least i hope i get better haha)…

So, today i wont be doing much just some shopping and a whole lot of relaxing..


So today i am wearing this very simple, comfortable and casual outfit. Today it really started to feel like spring so i felt like i could get away with not wearing a jacket which if you live in the UK you will know its a risk to go out with no jacket.. Good old England..

I started with a plain pair of black skinny jeans which i like to roll up… im quiet short so i feel like wearing my jeans like this makes me appear taller (I know.. stupid right?!?! lol please dont laugh).. i paired it with a white long sleeved top and a black double breasted gillet i got mine from TKmaxx by a brand called Lila Rose. I couldn’t find the same one on the website but here is a similar one i found on H&M. This Lila Rose vest is my favourite thing in my closet at the moment, I wish i could wear it everyday with everything…I LOVE IT!!


On my feet i am wearing my new Adidas Nizza that I got from JDsports. These trainers are the comfiest things I have ever worn on my feet. I have size 3 feet so these are kids trainers.

My bag is Dune and i got it from TKMaxx. I could find the same one but here is a similar one. Finally my sunglasses are Lee Cooper and again i couldn’t find the same ones but here are some that I really love from H&M.

I hope you all like this post. If you have any questions just comment on this post and i will answer.



6 thoughts on “OOTD! Sunday 13/03

  1. Fashionandbeautyobsessed says:

    I still find it awkward to pose of photo to use on my blog… Great post! Are you planning on doing more posts like this? I also uploaded a new OTTD on my blog today If you would like to check that out x

    Liked by 2 people

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