Spring Clean your Closet

Hello Beauties…

With spring and summer around the corner it’s time to do the dreaded spring clean of your closet. If you are anything like me you will find it a little difficult to find the motivation to do this. Not because I dont like cleaning but because I love my clothes and hate throwing them away. So i have come up with a routine that makes the process a little easier.

Make a cleaning playlist
Cleaning is hard enough as it is. Make it a little more fun by creating a playlist of fun, upbeat music to keep you going through your cleaning day. I use spotify.

Store away your winter clothes
So before you get your hands on those very missed spring clothes we have to make space for them in our closets. So pull out all of your winter clothes and put them into a box or bag to store away. I use vacuum storage bags which you suck the air out of using your vacuum cleaner which make them compact so you can store away. I personally store them under my bed.

3 Box system
Grab 3 boxes or bags and a marker pen. Label one box throw, another box donate and the third box keep. Go through all your spring and summer clothes and seperate them into the different boxes depending on what you want to do with them.

Hang them up
I personally like to hang all of my clothes up because this way its easier to see what I have. When you are hanging your clothes hang them so that you are hooking the hangers towards you. Then you wear them and hang them back up hook them away from you. This way you can see what items you haven’t worn and also avoid wearing the same outfits.

This is something that I do that I swear by. Categorize your clothing, so hang dresses together, skirts together, jeans together, tops together and cardigans together. This makes it easier to find what your looking for and makes your wardrobe look neater. You can even colour co-ordinate each of the categories if you want.

Let’s tackle those drawers and shelfs
So now that we have organized all of our dresses, skirts, jeans, tops and cardigans it’s time to organize the things that go in our shelves and drawers. The things I store in drawers are socks, bras and underwear. The things I store on my shelves are jammies, gym clothes and loungewear.

Jammies and Loungewear
Be honest beauties. Do you need 100 pair of fleec jammies or 100 baggy t-shirts?? NO!! Choose 5 of your favourite baggy t-shirts fold them and put them away, the rest put into pne of those boxes labeled throw or donate. As for the jammies anything that looks like it belongs to a 5 year old then put it into one of your throw or donate boxes. The rest of your winter jammies store away with the winter clothes.

Underwear, bras and socks
Until recently my underwear, socks and bras were just thrown into drawers with no sense of organization whatsoever. However whilst scrolling through Amazon I found these little fabric dividers. These allow my undergarments to sit neately in their drawer. Whilst your putting away your socks, bras and underwear check for holes, missing bra wires and frayed ends. Anything that you find that has at least one of the above then put them in the throw box.

So after cleaning out my stuff I looked aty boyfriends closet and I find things that should have been thrown away a long long time ago… Scratch that… These things should have never been made. This made me think…. How can I get rid of a few of his things without him realizing?

He buys new clothes at least once a week. So there is no need for him to have all these old things. Luckily my boyfriend has started doing bodybuilding and therefore he is growing so he has no choice than to start getting rid of these things. So in terms of clothes I don’t have to worry… however his boxer and sock drawers are horrendous…How can someone have so many socks with holes in them and still not let me throw them away?! Sometimes I don’t understand men. So what I have started doing is buying new socks and replacing the old ones without telling him. So he sees the same amount of socks but none with holes. As for the boxers what I have started doing is buying him fancy boxers for birthdays, anniversaries or just as little surprises. Now he throws out his old ones so he can have space for the new ones.

His favourites are Calvin Klein and <a href="Tommy John underwear“>Tommy John. Tommy John is a brand that does underwear and loungewear for men. My boyfriend’s favourites from there are these. Ever since he laid eyes on the Tommy John website he has become obssessed. They do international delivery and their website is so informative and clear.If your looking to surprise your man check the Tommy John website they have some great stuff.

I’m sorry this post was a little long but I had so many tips I wanted to share with you guys that I couldn’t help myself.



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