Water glorious water

Hello beauties.. Recently I have been on a total health buzz and have been trying (emphesis on the word trying) to make good decision when it comes to my health. I have been eating healthier food, goind to the gym and trying to drink more water. When I decided to take this challenge I thought … Continue reading Water glorious water


Getting ready for summer! Leg shaving routine

Hello wonderful readers... Im here with another post for the getting ready for summer series. Today I will be sharing with you my leg shaving routine. I have tried various different products over the years and keep trying new ones every so often. But this routine as these products are what have been working really … Continue reading Getting ready for summer! Leg shaving routine


Hey beauties... So a while back i came across an instagram account called ikrush. When i went into their account i realized that it was actually an online boutique so i clicked the link and absolutely fell in love. Everything on there is gorgeous.. i would happily buy one of everything but unfortunately i dont … Continue reading IKRUSH!!