Tutorial: My go to eyebrows!

Hey beauties…

Today i will be showing you how i do my eyebrows.


First let me start with a little brow history… Because I have very dark and thick hair my eyebrows have always been very dark and thick also. Which can be a real pain to work with sometimes. When I was younger  i used to have very thick eyebrows which i use to hate so as soon as my mum decided i was old enough to get my brows done i went to town on those bad boys. I plucked, waxed, threaded and trimmed until I was left with almost no brows whatsoever. Boy do i regret doing that now.. I messed with my brows so much that now i am left with  very thin and patchy eyebrows which I hate. So in order to fix them i started to fill them in.

I only use 2 products to do my brows and they are the Benefit browzings eyebrow shaping kit in the shade dark and the Benefit boi-ing full coverage concealer in shade number 3.


So i start with my natural very messy brows


(Look at those lovely things……NOT!!!!!!)

Then I take the little brush that comes in the brow zings kit and dip it in the gel on the kit (the darker side). I then fill in the bottom half of my brow like this


Then i do the same for the top of the brow so it looks something like this


And also the same on the inner edge of my brow like this


Using the same brush I then dip it into the powder which is what gives the brow the colour. I then do the exact same thing as I did with the gel until they look something like…


Since I like my brows to look quiet defined and sharp I like to go around them with some concealer. And that’s where my favourite concealer comes in. I grab a concealer brush and my boi-ing concealer and i go around my whole brow. I start with the bottom like this


And then the same on the top….


Because i wasnt wearing any other makeup the concealer looks a little too dark for me but when i have the rest pf my makeup on the shade is matched to perfection. After blending that concealer in I end up with my brow looking very tidy and  fleek (as my sister would say)…


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.. I definitely enjoyed writting it. If you like this type of post and would like to see more let me know by liking this post. If there is anything in particular you guys want a tutorial on please leaver your request in the comments…

Until next time loves…..


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