Getting Ready for Summer! Summer beauty hacks

Hello lovely readers…

Im here with my first post for my series Getting ready for summer. Today’s post will be about summer beauty hacks every girl should know. Since summer is supposed to be hot there are a lot of this that will need to change in our routine in order to be as comfortable as possible.

1.Leave in Conditioner


It’s not just your skin that needs protection from the sun, you’re hair does too. Leave in conditioners are like sun screen for your hair. There are some awesone recipes out there to make your own all natural leave in conditioner. My favourite is this Coconut milk leave in conditioner recipe by a blogger called mommypotamus. My favourite store bought leave in conditioner is the Aussie Miracle Recharge Hair Insurance Leave in conditioner.

2. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!



With hot weather comes wearing dresses and shorts and with wearing these things comes exposing your legs. Winter causes skin to become dry and damaged so exfoliating is the best way to repair that damage. My favourite store bought exfoliators are the Jurlique Body Exfoliating gel and the Bliss fatgirlscrub. However you don’t have to buy exfoliators, you can actually make your own. My favourite recipes are this green tea exfoliator and this cucumber body scrub.

3.Waterproof makeup = best friend



The last thing you want is to be going for an awesome walk on hot summers day and find that your makeup is melting off your face. Go ahead and switch things like eyeliner and mascara to waterproof alternatives. Another good idea would be to switch your foundation for something like a BB cream which is lighter on your skin.

4. Get a go-to up-do



I personally wearing my hair up in the summer. I find it more comfortable because there is no hair covering my neck and shoulders. When it’s hot we tend to wear as little clothing as possible so we do not need our hair adding to the heat. Why not try the milkmaid braid updo, the messy bun or the ever so famous boxer braids.

5. Get those fet sandal ready



In the summer I pretty much live in sandals and unfortunately I suffer from cracked heels. But no worries I have found a solution to leave my feet looking like cinderellas feet. Before i got to bed every single night I simply slather (i really do mean slather) my feet with some foot moisturizer, my favourite is the L’Occitane en Provence Shea butter foot cream and then I put some socks like these cute unicorn socks. The next morning you will wake up with the softest feet ever.

I hope you enjoyed some of my beauty hacks for summer. Please let me know in the comments what kind of summer posts you would like to see from me and i will get working on them.

Until next time


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