Getting ready for summer! Leg shaving routine

Hello wonderful readers…

Im here with another post for the getting ready for summer series. Today I will be sharing with you my leg shaving routine. I have tried various different products over the years and keep trying new ones every so often. But this routine as these products are what have been working really really well for me for a little while now.


I start by soaking my legs in warm water. This opens up your pores on your legs and helps to clear out any dirt that may be clogging them. It also helps with what i call strawberry legs. (Those little annoying and unpleasant looking red bumps). I usually soak them for about 5 minutes.

After I soaked them i grab a loofa and some body scrub and i scrub my legs in circular motions. This clears away dead skin and also loosen any ingrown hairs.
Tip: Make sure you are gentle whilst exfoliating. You just need to lift the dead skin not the good skin as well 😜

After I have exfoliated i grab my secret weapon. Baby Johnson’s Oil…Yepp!! That is what i use instead of shaving gel. Baby oil is gentle on your skin and also moisturizes the skin at the same time. I have quiet dry skin on my legs so baby oil is perfect for me.

Make sure you use a new blade everytime you shave this ensures you have a nice clean soft shave everytime. Now i know razors are expensive so i just buy the Wilkinson Sword disposable razors. They are cheap but becausr you will only be using a razor once you can just throw it out after each shave.
Tip: Make sure you take your time whilst shaving this will help ensure you don’t irritate your skin.

After I have finished shaving I rinse my legs off with cold water. This has the opposite effect of warm water. This will close your pores back up to prevent clogging.

A big mistake a lot of people make after they shave is whilst drying their skin. Don’t run your skin whilst drying it because your skin is quiet sensitive right after shaving. Instead pat your skin dry.

Then I grab my favourite moisturizer and rub it all over my legs. I use a stretch mark moisturizer to prevent them from appearing. I use the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks.
Tip: Try not to sit anywhere or put any clothes on for about 10 minutes to allow the moisturiser to really soak into the skin.

Have you got any new shaving tips i should try?? Let me know in the comments

Until next time


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