Guest Post! Autumn decor

Hello there lovelies! It's J here, from amongotherthingsj. My blog space is all about poetry and short stories so why am I here? Well for one, I love Andreia's blog. Enough said, ha! But two, I am a mom and wife that loves to stay beautiful and keep my house looking inviting and festive. And … Continue reading Guest Post! Autumn decor


Autumn Morning Routine

Hello my little pumpinks.. Today I will be sharing my Autumn morning routine with you guys. My morning routine changes slightly in the colder seasons and also changes depending on what I am doing that day. This is going to be my morning routine for when I have to go to work.  In the autumn … Continue reading Autumn Morning Routine

Autumn Essentials-Home

Hello wonderful people.. I am here with another addition to my Autumn series. Today I will be writing about my Autumn essentials for the home. I love making my home feel all cosy and warm. So I will be telling all of you guys what my home essentials for Autumn are. 1. Blankets                                                                                          Blanket In the … Continue reading Autumn Essentials-Home