Updated Brow Routine

Hello lovely readers..

So I am here today to tell you all about my updated brow routine. It has only changed slightly since I posted about it a few months ago but i figured the change that I have made may be a useful tip for some of you dark haired ladies out there.

Let me start by telling you about how I maintain my brows. My favorite technique for brow maintenance is threading. Threading is a hair removal method that comes from India. This method allows for more precise hair removal and more control than waxing when shaping. Unlike tweezing where a single hair is pulled at a time, threading pulls a few hairs at once which means it takes a lot less time than sitting there torturing your brows for about 30-45 mins. When my mum first allowed me to start torturing my brows I used the method of waxing, then I moved on to tweezing however as strange as it may sound tweezing makes me sneeze so I was desperate for an alternative method. That’s when I found threading. It was quick, virtually painless and my brows looked amazeballs every time. I taught myself how to thread my own brows but took way to long to do it myself and therefore opted to go to a brow bar and have an expert do it for me and ensure that I don’t accidentally pull out my whole brow. I thread once every 6 weeks.

Unfortunately I don’t particularly like my natural brows so I opt for filling them in.However due to me having such dark hair I was finding it very difficult to find a product within my budget that wasn’t too light for me. I tried tons of products over the last year and could not find something dark enough until last month I had a “genius” idea. Continue reading to find out what my “genius” idea is ūüôā

brows before.jpg                                                          My brows before I fill them in

So these are the products I use to fill in my brows everyday.


  1. I apply a little bit of eyeshadow primer to my finger and rub it around my brow. My favourite budget primer is the MUA Pro-Base eye primer.
  2. I then grab an angled brow brush like the¬†Eylure double ended eyebrow brush¬†and spray it with my fixing spray. My favourite budget friendly fixing spray is the¬†Makeup Revolution Pro Fix fixing spray. I then pack the brush with the cream side of my¬†Benefit’s browzing brow shaping duo¬†and outline the shape around my brow that I would like to obtain.
    eyebrow 1.jpg
  3. After I have done that I grab my angled brush again and spray it with the fixing spray again. Now here comes the big “genius” idea…. Ready?? I then dip my brush into a matte black eyeshadow. I used the the one from my¬†Urban Decay Naked 2 palette¬†the shade is called Blackout.eyebrow 2.jpg
  4. The final thing I do is to grab a concealer brush and my all time favourite concealer¬†Maybelline’s eraser eye concealer¬†and a concealer brush and I go around my brow to tidy and sharpen up the lines.

eyebrow 3.jpg

I am so happy with how this technique has been working out for me. I have finally found a shade that isn’t too light for me. I also like how I am still able to make them look natural even though I am using such a dark product.

I also came across a great post on a site called Into the Gloss. This website is full of all sorts of great tips and advice on a bunch of different topics like hair, skin, nails and makeup. The post has a video about how to fill in your eyebrows. It was a great help to me and maybe it can help all of you too. Check it out here.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my brow routine. Let me know if any of you have any tips you think I may find useful.

Until next time




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