Autumn Morning Routine

Hello my little pumpinks..

Today I will be sharing my Autumn morning routine with you guys. My morning routine changes slightly in the colder seasons and also changes depending on what I am doing that day. This is going to be my morning routine for when I have to go to work.

 In the autumn and winter it is really difficult for me get out of bed because it’s so warm and cozy so I am forever snoozing my alarm for an extra 5 minutes so in the autumn and winter I always set my first alarm for at least 30 mins before I actually have to get up. This breaks my sleep and therefore by the time I have to get up I am more awake and don’t find it as difficult to get out of bed. 

I usually start work at 9am so I am usually up for 7am to give me time to get ready. 

The first thing I do as soon as I wake up is put my slippers on and head to the bathroom to tinkle. After I have done that I head to the kitchen and make my breakfast and morning coffee. I like to sit and enjoy my breakfast and coffee. This is the time I use to check my social media (links below if you would like to follow me) and set up my bullet journal for that day. 

Once I’m finished with my breakfast I head to the kitchen and wash my dishes. I don’t like to hope from work be have to wash dishes from my breakfast so I make sure that I do it before I go to work.

After doing that I head over to the bathroom again to brush my teeth and have my morning shower to wake me up a little more. So then I’m awak I go over to my room again and start picking out my outfit for the day. 

Once I’m all dressed I do my makeup and hair for the day and then I get my bag ready for the day. By that I mean I make sure that all my essentials are in my bag like my lunch πŸ™‚

I like to take my own lunch from home because it saves money and also then I’m not tempted to buy unhealthy food.

Once my bag is all packed I put my shoes on and I fill up my travel coffee mug and set it next to my bag.

Then I put my jacket and scarf on, grab my bag and coffee and I am ready to go.

I hope you guys enjoy reading about my Autumn morning routine. Stay tuned for the next post in my Autumn Series.

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