Guest Post! Autumn decor

Hello there lovelies!
It’s J here, from amongotherthingsj. My blog space is all about poetry and short stories so why am I here? Well for one, I love Andreia’s blog. Enough said, ha! But two, I am a mom and wife that loves to stay beautiful and keep my house looking inviting and festive. And what better time to be festive than Autumn?! We’ve spent enough months lazing around with our boho chic look at the pool. It’s time to bring the warm and fiery colors of Fall into our home so I’m going to share with you my personal favorite CHEAP and EASY DIY ideas for decorating this season.

1) Bring in nature. 

My four year old daughter LOVES this one since she’s always out in the yard picking up whatever she finds on the ground that’s interesting. This time of the year we have plenty of pinecones, acorns, and colorful leaves all across our lawn. If your own yard is bare, go exploring and see what you can find around you at a neighbor’s house, or a park. Our particular favorite craft is to brush the tips of a pinecone with glue and sprinkle with a metalic glitter in a festive color, such as gold or orange. You can then pile them up in a basket and use as a center peice! (Frugal Tip: Use silver, red, or green and they will still be useful come Christmas!)
 2) Glam up your candles. 

Andreia already told us to stock up on them Autumn Night candles, which smell amazing. Let’s knock out two projects in one and decorate them! The possibilities are endless here. Bring in more nature and glue twigs all around, like a mini campfire. Do the same with cinnamon sticks and you’ll have the added benefit of that warm cider spice smell. Or wrap the candle jar in burlap and tie with a ribbon. You can even paint them. (Frugal Tip: If you happen to have any glass jars about, decorate those instead and drop a tealight candle inside. You can buy a whole pack of tealights for the price of one large candle and therefore have more to go around!)

 3) One word-pumpkins. 

Just search “decorative pumpkins” on Pinterest and you will get an instant idea of just how fun and gorgeous pumpkins can be. From classy to silly jackolanterns, you can never go wrong with pumpkins. I personally love searching for the ones that have stunning natural color variation and letting them speak for themselves, though the ones painted with monograms are utterly adorable. (Furgal Tip: Opt for decorating a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin pail. You can usually buy a couple of those for cheaper than a pumpkin and then you can dual purpose it by using it as a planter or as a utensil holder for dining!)

 4) Framed paper. 

This looks so artistic that it’s hard to believe it’s so simple. Here in the American south, we have a store called the Dollar Tree where every single item in the whole store is priced at only a dollar. And yes, they sell picture frames. It doesn’t get cheaper than that! For the best wall mural look, have a variation of frame sizes and styles, don’t worry about the coloration of the frame because you can always paint it! Then fill the frame with a fall themed colored or patterned paper. You can even add peronsal touches by writing words or phrases that inspire you this time of the year. (Frugal Tip: If you are feeling crafty or don’t have a store near you that sells decorative paper, get out some markers and copier paper and get creative by making your own designs to frame)

Welll dears, that’s all for now. Special thanks to Andreia for letting me share my personal decorating plans for this year. We’d love to hear what ideas you have to add and let us know how these projects turn out for you!

Enjoy the season!



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