3 bloggers I admire

Hello beautiesI hope you are all having a great day today wherever in the world you are. So recently I have had a bit of trouble coming up with content because there is something that has completely taken over my life that I want to do posts on but haven’t been ready to share yet. Not because it’s a bad ‘something’ but just because how private of a ‘something’ that it is. I am going to be sharing the news with you… So the big news that I have been keeping a secret is that I am currently pregnant with my first baby. I am currently 27 weeks with a little girl. Even though I love to blog and share my opinions I am also a very private person and believe that something as special as this should be kept between myself and my close family and friends.

I will be doing pregnancy and mama related posts but I do still wish to keep most aspects of my pregnancy private. I will still write my opinions on all things about motherhood but details and info on my pregnancy will be kept private. I hope you guys understand and continue to enjoy my posts.

So now that you guys know the big secret let’s get started…

Today I will be sharing with you the top 3 bloggers that I admire. I used to read fashion and beauty blogs but recently my interests have changed. I tend to read what I call mama and housewife blogs. I find myself very attentively reading these blogs and taking in every ounce of information that is written upon them.

So the 1st blogger that I admire is Hayley Paige Blogs

 A little about Hayley….

Hayley is a first time mama to her gorgeous little girl Annabelle or as she and her husband Doug refer to her as Nana Goat (adorable nickname alert!!). Hayley has been blogging now for 4 years. When she first started blogging she originally wrote more about fashion and beauty. However during the last few years she has gotten married and became a Mama and therefore he blog has changed along with her life. She now posts more about her life as a newlywed and a mother. She then began her YouTube channel in which she posts Vlogs, beauty videos, fashion videos, monthly baby update and also she lots of pregnancy related videos. Which are actually helping me a lot. Then in 2016 she decided to do this as full time career.

 Why do I admire her?

There are various different reasons as to why I admire Hayley but the main ones are her sincerity on all the topics she talks about. Whether it’s on a product that she has been sent to promote or a pregnancy or motherhood related topic you can expect Hayley to tell you exactly what she thinks and I love that about her. The other main reason why I admire her is that she is so relatable and she doesn’t come across as robotic like a lot of youtubers are at the moment. She shows you real life human events and real life human mistakes. She doesn’t try to be a perfect cookie cutter YouTube Mama, she is just REAL!!

Links for Hayley

The 2nd blogger I admire is Young Mommy Blog.

A little about Claudia….

Claudia is a 20 year old mommy to a baby boy Isaac. Her blog is specifically aimed at young mummy’s. She got married when she was 18. She writes posts on motherhood, marriage and also faith. She is such a please sure to read.

Why do I admire about her?

The reason I admire this lady is that because she gives great advice. I also love how in touch with her faith she is and how much she loves motherhood.

Links for Claudia

And the 3rd and fina blogger I admire is A Touch of Pink

A little about Katelyn…

Katelyn is a wife and mummy to a little girl named Kennedy. She is from Souther California but currently lives in Houston, Texas. She writes mama post as well as fashion and fitness related posts.

What do I admire about her?

I admire Katelyn because of how perfect she makes motherhood seem. I also admire her sense of style in terms of decor and her overall look. She is just so damn adorable.

Links for Katelyn

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my favourite mummy blogs.. I love all these bloggers but I must be honest with you guys.. Hayley Paige Blogs is a special like. I just feel I can relate with her so much and I feel like is 100% honest. She has a follower for life.

I will talk to you guys in my next post…




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