Things they don’t tell you about pregnancy!

Hello Pretty ladies…

How’s your week been so far? Mine hasn’t been too bad, quiet relaxed really. As I write this post it is Friday 02/06/2017 and I am 29 weeks pregnant which means I have reached the 3rd trimester. It has just hit me this morning that I will be a mama very soon. It is such a scary thought to me because I am a first time mum and I’m afraid that I will have no idea on what to do. I’m also afraid of the unexpected. Any one that knows me knows that I am a planner, I like to know exactly what’s going to happen and why and pregnancy is the complete opposite of that. I have been told various times that maternal instincts kick in automatically when the baby is born but I am still afraid that I will be clueless. Any tips that any mums have out there would be greatly appreciated.

So recently I was sitting watching some TV and I started to think of all the different things I have been told about pregnancy over the last few months. I have been told and read so many different things about pregnancy that my head feels like it’s going to explode with all information. However then I start to think about all the things that have happened so far that no one told me about and that I wish I had known so I could be prepared. So I thought today I would write a post on some of the things no one tells you about pregnancy. So here goes…

1.You will want to eat everything in site 

When I first found out I was pregnant I researched into how your eating habits change. I read that you only need an extra 500calories per day on top of your normal daily allowance. I also found that that the whole ‘eating for 2’is nothing but a myth. I went through my first trimester unable to a lot down however during my 2nd trimester my appetite grew a little but it was nothing that was too out of this world. But then the 3rd trimester arrived and now all I can think about is food. I don’t mean like I want extra little snacks throughout my day, no ladies, I mean I want to eat calorie and carb packed food all day every day. That’s not including the cravings for sweets that I get… I kid you not ladies all you will want to do in your 3rd trimester is eat, eat and eat.

2.The hairiness


Girls… you will find hair growing where you never thought possible… Ok ok slight exaggeration but that is what it feels like. My nice hairless tummy now resembles a fluffy pom-pom. NOT ATRACTIVE!! On the plus side though according to my midwife this is your bodies’ way of protecting your baby. Never hurt to keep your little human extra protected..

3.Life will suddenly become a very emotional roller-coaster.. Sometimes for no reason whatsoever

So you know when you’re about to come on your period and suddenly you can cry, laugh and be angry all in the space of about 15mins? Well pregnancy is kind of like that except it’s like 5 times worse. You will cry for no reason whatsoever. A couple of weeks ago I cried because I couldn’t reach my extra toilet paper that stored up high (P.S. No I wasn’t on the toilet just trying to replace it as the one in the bathroom had finished)

4.You will pee yourself like a toddler  

Yep!! You read right ladies. There will be occasions where you just can’t hold it and will wet yourself. On one occasion I was walking to work and needed a wee, suddenly I also felt the urge to vomit. I tucked myself in a corner so I could throw up out of site and suddenly pee started running down my legs. Luckily I was only 5 mins away from home so walked back got cleaned up and got a taxi to work. Now I think about it, it seems pretty funny but at that moment it was everything but funny.

5.Your nipples will resemble big beef burgers 

Only difference between the 2 is you won’t want to eat these. When I noticed my areolas getting bigger and darker I’m not going to lie to you… I panicked… I had no idea what was happening. This however is completely normal and they will go back to normal according to my midwife.




Even though there is a lot of scary and strange changes happening there is also some amazing things that have happened so far that I wish someone had told me about.

1.You will have a ridiculous amount of Love for your stomach 

I cannot believe how much love I have gained for this bump. I feel so confident and proud of it. I’ve also become very protective if my bump. Wherever I go I have my hand on it to make sure it is protected. Ive become very conscious and careful with everything that I do, like for example if am shopping and I notice that there are a lot of people around I tried and keep my distance the business to ensure that no one accidentally elbows me or even bumps into me. Maybe it’s a little too overprotective but it’s my way of preparing to become a mummy. It’s crazy to think that I already love my little girl so much even though I have never met her. She is my everything already.

2.Your mama instincts will kick in automatically 

When I first found out I was pregnant I was excited but also scared because I didn’t know anything about pregnancy or babies. However once I got over the initial shock and my second trimester came around it was like I became an expert overnight. You will know what to do when you feel certain things and you will know what to do to get ready for the baby. And if you feel like you don’t know enough about pregnancy or prepping for your little one then you need to download the Glow Nurture app. It’s free and it is so interesting to get other mama’s opinions and advice on all things pregnancy. Then when the baby arrives there is Glow baby which will give you tips and info on your new baby and again the fun forums will be on there so you can get advice from other members. So don’t freak out too much when suddenly you know what a Braxton Hick is and how it is supposed to feel.

3.Everyone will treat you like a VIP 

When people spot your growing bump they will smile, be more caring and friendlier towards you. If you go to a public bathroom a lot of people will let you go before them if there is a queue. Everyone holds the door opened for you or even offer to help you with your shopping. In the midst of all the horrible things that are currently happening in the world it is very refreshing and nice to see people still have good kind hearts.

4.Feeling your little human move is the most amazing feeling in the world 

The 1st time I felt my little princess move was by far one of the most emotional moments of my life. It was at that moment that it finally hit me that I was going to become a mummy and that my body was doing the most wonderful thing in the world at that moment. I broke down in tears knowing that the most important person in my life was growing healthy and strong and that I was the one helping her through this. Thinking about that moment still makes me want to cry.

Even though I have written things on this post that don’t sound very fun, I promise you all the bad things will be worth it in the end because you get the most wonderful gift when it’s all over. I also can’t stress enough that everyone is different and no 2 pregnancies are the same. The things I have written in this post are my personal opinions and experiences and may be completely different to yours.

Remember ladies try and enjoy all of these precious little moments. They will make for wonderful memories to share with your little one. Also even though there have been some downs about pregnancy I am loving every moment of it.





I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Keep an eye out for my next post coming very soon.




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