Ways to prepare your home when you’re expecting

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I’m back but this time with a guest post by the lovely and talented Rida.. keep reading if you want to find out ways to prepare your home for your new little person. I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Having a baby on the way can be an emotional roller coaster. While it is the most exciting time for any parents, it is daunting as well because they don’t know what to expect and the uncertainty brings a certain element of anxiety along with it. So if like the beautiful mommy to be Andreia, you are expecting too then here are a few ways through which you can prepare your home for the baby. Good luck!
Decorating the nursery

Decorating the nursery is an important step when it comes to setting up your house for a baby. This is the place where your baby will stay so you need to make sure it comprises of everything necessary. So here are some ideas to decorate the nursery.

1. Mixing and matching

If you want a gender-neutral room for your baby then by incorporating bright colors in the room you will ensure it works perfectly for both. Yellow, orange, blue and green are all great colors for a nursery.

2. Wall stickers

Wall stickers are one of the easiest ways of creating a theme in your kid’s bedroom. By putting up animal stickers, you can make sure that the room remains gender friendly. However if you don’t want to settle with animal stickers then you can hold up until you know your baby’s gender as putting stickers wouldn’t take much time.

3. Shelves

You will most likely have a lot of toys and books for your baby so you might as well have a storage space for those things. Shelves will not only set everything in place, they will keep the nursery looking neat and clutter free.

4. Rocking chair

While this is not mandatory, you should consider putting a rocking chair in the baby’s room in order to keep him calm when he is throwing a tantrum or giving you a hard time while going to sleep.

Feng Shui the nursery

Feng Shui brings balance and prosperity in a household so if you want a healthy baby then you can incorporate the principles of Feng Shui in your baby’s nursery. The basics of Feng Shui tell us to have multiple sources of light and air in the nursery. Open the windows and doors of the nursery for ventilation and respect your baby’s sense of smell by using aromatic oils.

Baby proofing your place

If you want to keep your baby safe then baby proofing is an important step that you need to take. Electrical cords and stairs can be dangerous for kids when they start crawling on their own. So start by baby proofing the main areas of your house like the nursery and the living room. Make sure to cover any sharp edges so that the baby doesn’t hurt himself when he crawls. Put small accessories away because kids tend to put everything in sight in their mouth so if you do have to decorate your house with small souvenirs or accessories then put them on a higher place.

Also be sure to put away any loose objects along with any indoor plants because the soil can be eaten as a snack by your adolescent.

Install gates at the top and bottom of stairs in order to keep your kid from falling.

Baby monitors are important in any household that has a kid but try to invest in a cordless baby monitor to keep your baby protected from any mishaps that can happen because of the presence of cords.

Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She is an avid writer and she curates content at Alrug.com.


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