36 week update, assisted births and baby playing games!!

Hello mamas!

Today I am here with a pregnancy update. As I sit here typing this post with my swollen sausage fingers I currently have 4 weeks left until my due date or should I say 3 weeks and 4 days (not that I am counting).

Let me tell you ladies the last couple of weeks have been anything but easy. My feet, hands and face are swelling, my bump is so heavy I physically hold it up when I’m walking around and I pee like 4 time in the space of an hour. I am ready to get my baby girl out. I am no longer scared or anxious for labour. I am now praying for it to arrive ASAP!! I still love being pregnant but damn this is starting to get more and more difficult.

This week I have been hit by the 36 week cold. Apparently a lot of pregnant women get a cold for no reason whatsoever around this time and of course I was one of those lucky women. Its literally the middle of July and I am sitting here with a cold.. Uggghhhh

I went to an antenatal class last week and got a lot of questions answered. I was also able to get enough info to be able to finally write my birth plan. This class has changed my view on many different topics, one of them being on assisted births. An assisted birth is when your baby needs help to be born with instruments that attach to her head. In an assisted birth either forceps or ventouse is used. Forceps look a little like salad tongs. They fit around baby’s head so the doctor can help pull and guide baby out when the mother becomes tired of pushing. Ventouse is a little vacuum device that has a little suction cup on it that fits on the babys head and again is used to help pull baby out. When learning about these I did not like the sound of either. To me they sounded dangerous and painful for my baby. So I have been able to include on my birth plan that I wish these methods to be used only as a last resort.

I used to think that going to these classes were probably a waste of time since I can find all the info online, but now that I have attended one I have changed my mind. Speaking to a midwife that’s has seen hundreds of births and has seen all types of births made me feel more relaxed about the info I was getting. I also really enjoyed being able to also ask questions rather than have to search for an answer online. If you get the chance to go to one I would definitely recommend you go, they are great.

This week I have also started feeling like a ginormous waddling penguin. It take me twice as long to get anywhere and I break a sweat at the smallest amount of movement. Baby seems to be happy in here though kicking around without a care in the world. She even plays little games with us now. She will sometimes stretch her little foot out, so when she does that I tickle it so she moves it and I tickle it again. Some days she does this for 10 mins at a time. I feel like these little moments as silly as they may sound are moments where I am already bonding with my daughter even though she isn’t here yet.

Well that’s it from me for now. Stay tuned for more maternity and baby related posts.




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