How I built myself a maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank

Hello  beautiful readers…

How are you all doing? I am currently trying to work out a schedule of how often to post per week. However I think until the baby arrives I will post whenever I can, then when she’s here I will be able to work out a schedule so I am posting regular content. As soon as I have come up with a plan I will let you guys know.

So today I am here to talk about maternity wardrobes and how you can build yourself one without spending a fortune. With your body shape changing and you suddenly growing a big old belly your wardrobe does have to change I’m afraid. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I have managed to build myself quiet a nice maternity wardrobe. So today I thought I would share with you guys little tips and tricks I learnt along the way.

I personally believe that there is no need at all to buy maternity clothing. The reason I think this is because you will only wear these clothes for 9 months and they are not exactly the cheapest clothes out there. However in saying that there are 3 maternity pieces that I believe every pregnant woman should have. They are maternity jeans, maternity bras and nursing vests. So this starts off my list of tips and tricks.

1. The maternity or nursing bra 

Maternity bras or nursing bras as they are sometimes known are a must. Throughout our pregnancy our boobs are one of the things that change more drastically. So as they grow we need a special kind of support for them. They also have little clips that allow easy access if your planning in breastfeeding. This means that not only can you wear them during pregnancy but also after. Try these websites for some awesome nursing bras:

2. The nursing vest

These are awesome. When your pregnant sometimes you just don’t want to wear a bra. These are a great alternative to a bra. On the inside they have a bandeau like top which provides some support and the straps also have the clips so it’s convenient for breast feeding. These can also be used low cut tops as extra cover up if you don’t feel comfortable having your big old veiny boobs out just yet. My faves can be found on:

3. Maternity Jeans

These babies are what I call God’s gift to pregnant women. I don’t understand why women that aren’t pregnant don’t wear these because they are the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. No more button digging into your belly and bring on those buffets. My favourite websites for these are:

4. Cardigans

I know, so simple yet so important. Imagine the only top you have that fits is a vest or a short sleeved t-shirt and it’s cold outside. Just grab a cardigan and you are set to go. You can get these at almost any clothing shop both online and in store. The great thing about these are that you can wear them post pregnancy as well.

5.  Boyfriend t-shirt

Apparently these are called boyfriend t-shirts but I just call them loose t-shirts. I love these because they are plain so you can dress them up by accessorising and also because they are quiet thin. Which you’ll all now is a bonus since pregnancy makes you really hot all the time. 

6. Converse

Yes ladies… these are really going on the list because they literally go with everything. No more reasons needed.

7. Swing Dresses

This type of dress is just perfect for pregnancy and post pregnancy. On a pregnant women I feel these accentuate the bump in the perfect way and after pregnancy it hides the post pregnancy bloat. What more could you want in a dress?

8. Flat footwear

Forget those lovely heels that are sitting on your shelf. You will want comfort and lots of air, especially during the 3rd trimester because your feet tend to swell. Don’t worry though after pregnancy the swelling does go down and you can go back to your sky high heels.

I hope this post has helped you guys out with building your own maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank. If you have any other ideas you’d like to share then please comment on this post.

Il see you guys next time!




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