What’s in my hospital bag!


So I am currently sitting watching Desperate Housewives with a glass of water in hand and writting this post for you lovely readers. Labour has not yet began for me just yet even though I wish it had. 

These last couple weeks have been very uncomfortable for me.. But it will all be worth it in the end.. I just wish the end was sooner rather than later.

Anyways today I am writting this post about what I have packed in my hospital bag. If you’ve had children before after reading this you’re probably going to think I’m crazy for taking all these things but I don’t know what I’m doing with the whole motherhood thing just yet so I’m going with my gut on this and all the different lists I’ve read online and seen on Pinterest.

According to the lists some people like to have separate bags for baby and mama but I didn’t think this was necessary so I’ve stuck with one.. I picked a weekend bag so I can use it after as well.

So let’s get started….

Baby’s stuff

1. Nappies

From all the info I’ve seen online some hospitals here in the UK give you the nappies but some don’t. I have no idea whether mine does or not so I packed some just in case. The nappy picture is by a brand called Naty. Naty is an all natural brand that uses nothing but natural ingredients to produce their nappies. Another awesome thing is that they have the most adorable patterns depending on the size.

2. Cotton wool balls

The midwives here don’t like you using wipes on your babies bottoms because their skin is so sensitive. So they advise cotton wool balls and warm water. I’ve been told these are provided at the hospital but i threw some in just in case.

3. A towel and flannel

In some hospitals you get the chance to bathe your baby whilst your at the hospital. I will personally ask if this can be done because so I can be shown how to do it. This first time mummy doesn’t want to get anything wrong. 

4. Muslin Cloths

I’ve read that these are a godsend. Some babies like to sleep with them for comfort but they can also be used to clean spit up and things like that. I have packed 2 in my bag.

5. Baby grows

I have packed 3 sleepsuits. Babies can’t control their own body temperature when they are newborns so it’s important to keep them warm. So even though my baby is a summer baby I packed these in there to help keep her warm.

6. Bodysuits

I also packed 3 of these. Again to keep her nice and warm. I really have no idea what I’m doing but I’d rather have too much than too little.

7. Blanket

I have packed 2 blankets. Babies have just spent 9 months in a small space all cosy and warm. So I’ve watched some videos on how to swaddle babies so I’m prepared. Swaddling also helps comfort babies.

8. Hats, socks and bibs

Hats and socks again are to keep her warm. I’ve been told it’s all about layering. Some people tell me a baby that small doesn’t need bibs however I thought it would be good to put one on her when she’s feeding so that if she spits up it doesn’t go on her clothes.

9. Going home outfit

A going home outfit is a must. Baby needs an outfit she looks extremely cute in to leave the hospital in. She has to make an amazing entrance into the outside world for the first time.

Now remember if your stat lasts a little longer than planned then you can always ask your partner, family member or friend to grab you some extras.

Mummy’s stuff

1. Easy access pyjamas 

If you plan on breastfeeding which I do you need some pj’s that has easy access to your breasts. You can either get some like the one above or some with buttons down the front. 

2.  Nightgown

Staying mobile apparently makes labour a little easier but you don’t want to be walking around with all your bits hanging out. So a nightgown is a must.

3. Slippers

You can’t walk around with bare feet so make sure you throw in your slippers. 

4. Warm socks

The internet says that some women get really cold feet during labour so make sure you pack some warm socks.

5. Towel

After all the pushing I think i will really want to take a shower so I included a towel for myself just in case they don’t provide them.

6. Toiletries 

I packed a little wash bag with everyday essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, mascara, eyebrow pencil and some lipbalm. The makeup is only for the purpose of taking pictures after she’s born. 

7. Nipple pads 

Pretty self explanatory.. leaky boobs will happen at some point so rather safe than sorry.

8. Chargers, camera and any other electronics 

Due to us living in the 21st century 99% of us have phones that we carry everywhere we go. So remember to pack you gadgets and their chargers. Ohh and if you think need to purchase some extra storage on your phone (depending on the phone you have ) so you don’t lose any pictures if your new bundle of joy.

9. Granny pants

I have packed some granny pants because I’ve been told it’s very likely I will bleed a lot after labour. So these are essential to accommodate my next item.

10. Sanitary pads

Another essential. I’ve personally bought the night pads as they are bigger but it’s up to you.

So there you go those are the essentials. I will also be taking snacks and drinks for myself and my birth partners but I haven’t of course packed those yet..

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. If you think there is anything else I need to take them please leave a comment so I can pack it ASAP!




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