How to unwind after a long day!

Whether you are a working mum or a stay at home mum, there are going to be days that are going to feel life the worst days ever. I probably have at least one every week and their are a few things that I do in the evening to help me unwind and recover from the day.

Netflix and Chill

Simple yet very effective. Pick something to watch and just chill… Check out my recommendations on what to watch on Netflix here.

At home pamper session

pamper                                                                                  image

Get a face mask on and soak your feet in some hot water and relaxing bath salts. I promise this will relax you. I also like to paint my nails or give myself a leg massage.

Read a book or a magazine

book                                                                             image

I tried to do this as often as I can because I love to read. I usually download a bunch of free books onto my kindle and just relax. I love reading books about the winter and Christmas.

Retail Shopping

computer                                                                                   image

Now hear me out ladies. You don’t actually have to buy anything, just the act of adding things to my cart makes me feel so relaxed. I love doing this for myself and for my little princess.

Hit the hay

sleep                                                                                    image

What better way to unwind than to sleep? Especially for us mamas. We need all the sleep we can get.

How do you unwind after a difficult and long day?



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