Special Delivery from the North Pole!

Since becoming a single mum establishing mummy and daughter traditions has become even more important than before. Baby V is now 16 months old so I feel like this is the perfect year to start a few Christmas traditions. Traditions that will hopefully last for years to come. There is one particular tradition that I have decided to start that is my absolute favourite and that is to have a Personalised Christmas Sack hold baby V’s Santa gifts. Before I share pictures please know that I have blurred out my daughters surname to maintain her privacy.

As soon as I saw this idea I was obssessed but I wanted to purchase a Christmas sack that was good quality so it would last a long time. So I picked The Handmade Christmas Co. These guys make everything to perfection. Every inch of the sack is in exquisite condition without even a single thread out of place. They don’t just make Christmas sacks. They also make stockings, baubles and personalised wrapping paper. I went with the Bancroft Christmas Design because i feel in live with its simplicity.

The sack came neatly rolled up in this adorable cardboard tube.

I have taken the sack out of the tube various times and have been able to put it back into it with ease. This is definitely a pro for me because it means I can use to store it out of season. The sack is quiet big in size which means it can fit multiple gifts inside. The product is sturdy yet beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Here is a small tutorial on how to fold it so it fits back into its tube.

I would definitely recommend this to any mamas out there that want to start this tradition with their little ones. I can’t wait for baby V to wake up on Christmas morning and find her special delivery from the North Pole.

Make sure you check out Handmade Christmas Co. for your personalised Christmas sack and be sure to subscribe to them so that you can get exclusive discounts.

Currently they have a promo running where you can get 50% off their entire range simply by entering ‘LASTCHANCE’ at the checkout.

Also be sure to follow their social media accounts using the links below.

Instagram: HandmadeChristmasCo

Twitter: ChristmasCo

Facebook: The Handmade Christmas Co.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost. Until next time.




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