Review: MyBabyID

Recently I was given the opportunity to try MyBabyId products. I was excited for this opportunity because I love trying new products especially for my little princess. So I thought I would give the babygrow I received a go and provide you guys with a review.

MyBabyId is a UK based online company that creates personalised clothing such as t-shirts, babygrows and lots of other things. You can personalise everything to your liking.

Personalising & Ordering

The process of ordering and personalising your items is quick and straightforward to use. I really likes how simple it was to use and was able to enjoy personalising the babygrow for my daughter.

First impression

Upon opening the package I instantly fell in love with the quality of the romper. It was so soft and you can really tell it’s a high quality fabric just by touching it. The design on the front is clear and there are no defects to it whatsoever. I carefully inspected every detail and clasp but everything was just perfect.

Using the romper

I decided to include the romper in my daughters Christmas Eve box because it was perfect for the occasion. I had picked a gingerbread man design so I felt it was fitting for the occasion. As soon as my daughter opened her box and saw the romper she fell in love. She kept pointing at the gingerbread man whilst repeating over and over “Mama, WOW” she then grabbed it and just hugged it. It was so cute to watch and it made me so happy that she loved it. She couldn’t wait to put it on so I changed her into it ready for the bedtime. She kept looking down at the design with such a big smile on her face it really did make me happy to see her so excited.

The wear

I would normally never allow my daughter to make a mess on her clothes but I really wanted to test the romper so I could really see the quality of the garment. So I was a little more relaxed with her. She had snacks and chocolate milk which meant there was a few spills and stains she also went out to the garden to leave reindeer food which meant the romper feet became a little dirty. Here are some images of the romper after she was done wearing it.

As you can see from the pictures she went a little crazy. During the course of the wear my daughter was pretty active. Running around and playing. The romper held up very well during this hectic evening and there was no rips or tares. So far it seems really sturdy which is definitely a plus when it comes to baby/ toddler clothing.

After washing

I was so please with the way that it came out. I thought that I was definitely going to have to re-wash again with some stain remover to get it looking clean again but one wash did the trick.

I was also so pleased that the design on it didn’t become damaged and stayed fully intact.

See!! It still looks perfect. Here are some side by side pictures of the romper before washing and after washing just so you can see the how well this item washes.

I really like the quality of the products from MyBabyId. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone wanting good quality sturdy items that wash well and don’t become damaged after the first wash. I will definitely be buying some other clothing from them.

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I can’t recommend this company enough. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review.




4 thoughts on “Review: MyBabyID

  1. rapdoubleohbaby says:

    Wow this babygrow stood the baby test! It does look like it’s good quality. I love the fact that you showed us what the it’s like after a wash. Sometimes with clothes, they only look good for the first wear and fade away. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

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