The Autumn Tag!

Hey honeys...  when I saw this tag I immediately wanted to do it. I find these posts so much fun and love writting them. I feel like it’s a way for you guys to get to know me better. I tag all of you to do this Autumn Tag! If you do this please let … Continue reading The Autumn Tag!


New mum tag!

Hey everyone! Today I am writting a fun post. I found thins little tag online and thought I would give a go. Feel free to copy the questions and do this tag yourself. If you do make sure you tag me so I can read your responses. I’d love to know you guys answers to … Continue reading New mum tag!

What’s in my hospital bag!

Heeeeeyyyyy….. So I am currently sitting watching Desperate Housewives with a glass of water in hand and writting this post for you lovely readers. Labour has not yet began for me just yet even though I wish it had.  These last couple weeks have been very uncomfortable for me.. But it will all be worth […]