H&M Current Loves

I love H&M… its probably one of my favourite shops. You go in and you see clothes and shoes that are on trend but are also inexpensive.. they also sell home decor which is my favourite stuff to shop for. So today I’m going to talk about all the things in H&M that I am really loving right know.

Currently at H&M there are 2 pairs of shoes that I’m in love with. They are two very different styles of shoes..

1. Brown Loafers


Look how adorable these shoes are. You can wear them shopping,you can wear them to dinner, you can wear them everywhere. They are so versitile its amazing and they are only £9.99.

2.Peep Toe ankle boots


OMG! these shoes are so sexy… I can’t believe how HOT!! they are… I can’t get over it.. they are only £29.99 which I think is great for shoes that look so damn good.

So I love shopping for anything to make my home look adorable. I cant make one of these posts without mentioning some sort of home decor.

1.Cushion with tassels


I love everything about this cushion. My favourite part about it is the cute tassels. I am really thinking about getting it. This cushion would make any couch look awesome.its only £7.99.

2.Patterned Shower curtain


I would invite people over to my house just to look at this beauty.. its so modern and pretty. It’s on the website for £14.99

3.Jacquard weave blanket


This is perfect for snuggling on the sofa watching your favourite soppy movie, Cup of coffee in hand and you have the perfect night. It’s a little pricey at £29.99 but its still adorable.

4.kitty mug


The cute meter just shot through the roof with this one. I would seriously carry this mug around with me all the time of I could.It’s only £3.99. I might just go and buy 20.

Hello my name is Andreia and im a shopaholic. Places like H&M don’t make my condition any better.

1.Top with embellished neckline


This top is just amazing. Its sexy but you’re still covered up. I would pair this with some faux leather skinny jeans and the peep toe boots that I mentioned above. At £24.99 it’s a great buy.

2.Superstretch Trousers


I love stretchy jeans.. I feel like they are the best of both world because you feel like your in leggings but you still look like you tried. This right hear is a girls secret weapon. They are only £14.99.



I need these so bad. They say me all over. They are a little pricey for pyjamas at £12.99 but it’s worth it.

I don’t know if you will all like this post. Let me know if you enjoy reading or comment on this post telling me what kind of posts to do. Im opened to trying anything.



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